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About the Rotary Passport to Service Club

Our club meets the First & Third Thursday evenings each month at 7:00 ET. If you want to join the meeting as a guest or prospective member, please join us at THIS Zoom LINK.

Our 2023-24 club officers are President Chris Hardy, Secretary Julie Hardy, Treasurer Sue Goldsen, and Club Administration Chair Judy Wernette. Our Club Rotary Foundation Chair is Wayne Titus.

We are actively signing up club members. Annual dues are $180.00, or $45.00 per quarter. Please click here to complete our New Member form.

To view highlights from past club meetings, please CLICK HERE.

Some of our guest speakers have included Past Rotary International President and Rotary Foundation Trustee chair John Germ who talked about the importance of The Rotary Foundation during these difficult times, and similarities between the polio scare of the 1950’s and the current global pandemic. Click here to watch an archived recording of the meeting.

Past Rotary International President Jennifer Jones talked about membership engagement during the Coronavirus crisis, her husband Dr. Nick Krayacich and fellow Rotarian Dr. Rajen Chetty from the LaSalle-Centennial (Ontario) club shared the implications of COVID-19 from a physician’s perspective. Click here for an archived video of the meeting.

You can login to our meetings via the Zoom link at the top of the page. Please join us – remember, our meetings are open to everyone, current AND future Rotarians. Invite a friend to join us by sharing this post!

The Rotary Passport to Service Club gives its members a more flexible club experience by:

· Encouraging its members to visit other clubs and participate in their club activities regularly

· Relaxing the attendance policy

· Offering a variety of meeting formats


The benefits of joining our Rotary Passport to Service Club:

· We meet less frequently—attendance is flexible and online via videoconference

· Meetings are engaging and purposeful, focused on service or social activities

· Affordable dues

· Our club values participation over attendance

· We attract members who may not be interested in the traditional Rotary club model

· Our members quickly build strong relationships throughout the district and beyond

· Members can volunteer for any club’s service projects, giving great flexibility and more opportunities for community and international service.

Interested? Sign up with the form on the right and we’ll keep you updated on our future meetings as we prepare to charter this new club!

If you’re on Facebook, please click here to join our Facebook group!

Please share information about our Passport Club with your friends – remember, we’re looking for folks with Rotary service in their hearts, whether or not they’re current Rotarians.